Thursday, July 09, 2009

A house named Palestine~

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

You know, I got a story to tell. It’s simple, and you can learn a lot from it.

One day, there was this man. He’s young, strong, hardworking, brilliant and humble. He had a dream. One day, if he had enough money, he wanted to buy a house for himself. Then, from this house, he wanted to bring his family in and lived with them there. He also wanted to get married and also live a life there with his beloved wife.

As time passes by, with his effort, he managed to earn quite a sum of money. There he decided that it is better off to build his own and desirable house, and yes, he did build his own house.

Through his determination and hardworking, his house was completed. It was beautiful. Really awesome. He really felt satisfied with his work. The first dream came through. After doing some finishing touches, he brought is family in and also got married. There, he lived happily with his family also he felt satisfied with all his efforts. He enjoyed his life a lot. Having a great life with his family and also neighbours, all whom he sought of as brothers and sisters. They really helped each other in a daily life. Living peacefully together. That’s how happy he was at that time.

As he was enjoying the peaceful life he dreamed of, suddenly one day, a group of strangers came to his house and raided everything. They threw the man, alongside with his family outside of the house also they confiscated every valuable thing from the family including his beautiful house.

After throwing everyone out, these strangers came out and stood stubbornly in front of them. With no hesitations, with words full of evil marks, they proclaim that everything in, out also the house itself, from that day will belong to them. If there were to be any actions to take back the proclaim house from the strangers, the will use violence against the man and his family.

Feeling really tensed, angry, humiliated for the doings of the strangers, the man, with no hesitation, stood up and fought back. But due to the lack of strength and of course, he was outnumbered; he failed to retrieve back his belongings; the house and everything. Well, of course when someone is been bullied and then been beaten again though he tried as much as he could, he would just be a laughing stock for the bullies. The strangers laughed out loud when humiliating the man and his family. Some of his family members tried to find help. They went to the neighbourhood, yelling and screaming out loud for help, but there was no one there. It was like suddenly on that particular day, windows and doors were all shut tight. No one seemed to care for what happened to this family. For once, the family felt very, very disappointed to those people whom once they called friends, once they called friendly neighbours and once they call them brothers and sisters.

After realising that they were no match for the strangers and with no help from anyone near at that time, they decided to retreat and make a camp not far from the house. To them, they will do anything in order to retrieve back what belongs to them. But for the time being, they must gather strength so that one day, when the right time comes, the house will be come back to its rightful owner, if not him, his future generations.

Until now, after he passed away, his successor carried out his dream. Until now too, they still fought for this house who at reality and legally belongs to them. Until now too, for them, a lot has been sacrificed for this house. It’s not a matter of material but it’s more to a matter of pride and honour. How can someone accept being kicked out of his own house? And then was forced to acknowledge this proclaim house as some other person’s house? Naturally, anyone in this world would fight for what belongs to them. Anyone in this world would die for what they think it’s right. Thus, does this makes them a terrorist in their own property? In their own house? For their own belongings?

How about it? How would you feel, if it were to happen to you? How would you feel being sacked out of your own legal home? The home where you put your effort in, the home where it protects you, the home which belongs to your grandfathers who nurture it, care for it, and died to bring back its freedom for so many years. May be it's time for us to think back.


originated from ~Ku Seorang Pengembara~

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